Is AT&T Internet Good For Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must be familiar with how lag or latency can ruin the gaming experience. Latency, in simple words, is the time between an action you take and the time for the game to respond. Therefore, fast speed and low latency are the keys to uninterrupted, smooth gameplay with quality graphics. Most of the time, latency issues occur due to poor internet connection.

Fast internet speed is essential for gaming due to plenty of reasons. AT&T is very intentional about gamers; they have made gaming affordable for average gamers, with internet plans that go for as low as $35/month.

AT&T Fiber delivers ultra-low latency, around 10-15 milliseconds, making it an ideal choice for gamers. Moreover, it ensures absolute reliability even at peak times so that you don’t have to suffer from unexpected lagging. AT&T provides superfast fiber optic internet with the same download and upload speed. It is surely excellent for gaming; it offers an internet speed of up to 1000 Mbps. Know more about AT&T in this article:

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Why is AT&T fiber good for gaming?

For many years, the AT&T gaming internet has been a favorite internet choice in the US. This telecom company has earned an excellent reputation, and now users trust AT&T with their online experience. Here are some reasons why AT&T fiber is good for gaming:

Wide Coverage

AT&T Internet has a wide coverage; it is available to more people than any other Internet service provider in the US. About 11.3 million people access its fiber network daily, which is extraordinary. Moreover, the DSL service stats of AT&T are even more astonishing, about 120 million people across the US are using it, and that is 72 million more users than the runner-up, CenturyLink.

Exceptional Speeds and Bandwidth Availability

AT&T’s internet for gaming offers lightning-fast internet with speed hitting the 1gbps mark in different US states. Not only AT&T internet is perfect for smooth, lag-free online gaming, but also it is great for downloading and streaming. Moreover, it is a good option for large families where internet usage is so high.

AT&T’s fiber optic internet guarantees a no-lag and super-responsive gaming experience, no matter how many connections in your household are using the available bandwidth. However, if your area does not have fiber optic connections, you can still choose their superfast and cost-effective DSL 100 Mbps packages.

Outstanding Customer Service

Good customer service is something that gamers may or may not consider important, depending upon their preferences. If you have concerns to get the most out of your internet connection or need assistance with any issues – you’d want the person on the other line to go out of their way to satisfy your concerns as a paying customer.

AT&T has always valued its customers. It has highly responsive customer service that hit the target with nearly 100% accuracy no matter how busy the servers are. Moreover, the company won the US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study award for the North Central region in 2016 and 2017.

Value for money

AT&T Internet plans provide you with real value for your money. Such as AT&T Internet Fiber 500 and AT&T Fiber-Internet 1000, and many more plans are developed to give you more worth than you pay for with multiple features available.

How to optimize your AT&T internet speed?

No doubt, AT&T is a powerhouse, but it also lags in connecting at some point. So, some tips on how to boost the speed are given below:

  • Restart your Wifi router once in a few weeks.
  • Turn off other connected devices when they are not in use.
  • Place the Wifi router in a central location, not on the floor or near doors. Also, keep it elevated and close enough to the connected devices.
  • Reboot the devices regularly to save the system from errors. In this way, they have no problem connecting to the Wifi router.
  • Keep all the gaming apps updated to avoid lagging.
  • Connecting your device with a Wifi gateway through a wire makes the Wifi signal stronger.
  • Some appliances like microwaves and ovens can interfere with your signal strength. So, keep them away from the Wifi gateway.
  • Attach an extender with your Wifi router to maximize signal strength.


Generous data is a must-have if you are a gaming freak. With a widespread and trusted internet service provider like AT&T, you don’t have to worry about poor internet connection.

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