Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Camera

Are you concerned about your safety? If the answer is yes, then you need the best 360 degree security camera! Many people to this day believe that it is better to acquire a few separate fixed cameras and point them at areas of interest 24/7 rather than depending on a 360-degree camera that may be gazing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, you can still buy one camera and avoid that problem at the same time. There are different types of security cameras on the market: Wired and Wireless indoor Cameras, Wired and Wireless Outdoor Cameras, Wire-Free Outdoor Cameras, and the one you choose depend on you!

If you want to find out more about the 360-degree security camera, carry on, we have a prominent buying guide coming!

List of Top 360 Degree Security Camera

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7 Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Cameras

1. Boavision Camera

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The BOAVISION camera has got two antennas for connecting to your Wi-Fi. On the bottom, we have got three cables, a reset button, power, and Ethernet. The 360-degree security camera can pan-tilt, zoom, and move up and down. Over the last generation of cameras, they have added a few more LEDs on the front. On this model, there are 10, six of them are regular, and four are night vision infrared LEDs.

On the back, we already have a two-way intercom, so if you want to hear what’s going on or tell people to go away, this will come in handy.

This modem does not have a focal lens, making this camera a bit cheaper on the outside. It is also smaller compared to other models and has auto-tracking. However, it is not valid since it can only pan and not tilt while tracking and it will follow anything that moves, so it is not something we would recommend using. 

To be honest, the image quality is like most cheap cameras in this price range, not that impressive, but for regular surveillance, it should be good enough. You should not expect to identify a person from a distance for any details; you need to be close to the camera.

One of the crucial parts of this particular model is that it supports RTSP/ONVIF and FTP. But that is also one of the biggest problems. The camera only sends files to the FTP server when the FTP server is UP. If the FTP server is not up, the images/videos are only saved on the SD card.

Overall, the BOAVISION seems like a decent camera considering its low price, and it might be worth checking out.

2. wansview Camera

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For many years, Wansview will keep you secure and comfortable. Their initial exterior camera was stationary, with limited comprehensive security, but they have done it again. 

Quality and durability are typically lacking in low-cost items. This camera is a little heavier than the original but in the best possible manner. The base and case are significantly more powerful.

The app is the product’s primary feature, giving you considerably more control over what you need, whether it’s tilt, playback, or sensory settings. The power option utilized is a 5vdc and 1 amp wall wart USB mobile phone charger with a long direct-attached non-removable USB cable running from the camera. As a result, this model is incompatible with the prevalence of camera power sources that use 12vdc barrel connections.

However, the USB ports are not suitable for use in outside conditions. It’s almost as if the PTZ makes this camera too excellent for interior usage, but it is not up to the challenge of persistent outside use. If you still want to utilize IP65 for outdoor use, you may relax because they are completely waterproof. 

When they are linked, everything is fine; but, they might detach at any time and there is no way to rejoin from your mobile device. When you press the rejoin button on a mobile device, it gives you a brief attempt and then says offline. As a result, remote reconnection has never worked.

Wansview established the benchmark by offering a high-quality product at a reasonable price. On this camera, the ability to pan and tilt is crucial. With the W9, you can swivel the camera to view what you need to see. The image quality and night vision remain as straightforward as advertised, with excellent consistency. 

3. COOAU Camera

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The camera has two main features two-way audio, 130 degrees viewing angle. Most importantly, it is full HD, has night vision, and is waterproof.

The box comes with a manual written in about five different languages. It also comes with various accessories like the wall mount. If you want to mount it internally, there is a magnetic ball the camera touches onto that and it pulls off quickly. 

The camera is relatively heavy and certainly does come across as well built and well made. This outdoor security camera is outfitted with 15000mAh rechargeable batteries and a high-efficiency solar panel, allowing you to have protection 365 days a year.

Like other 360-degree security cameras, the app is a crucial part of it. Downloading the app for the camera is pretty simple. There is a QR code you can scan, and you can download the app from the relevant app store depending on your phone. Once the app gets downloaded, go ahead, open up, and you will have to register a few details so you can then add the camera to your phone.

One of the problems with the camera is that the motion detection is not quick enough, and it lags a bit. It can miss someone crossing the set view angle. The only way it would work is if the person walks directly to the camera, or if the subject stays in shot. None the less it still sends a notification to your mobile device. However, the range for motion detection works well. You can adjust the sensitivity, which is a plus.

The “zoom” effect of the camera does not zoom. It is the same “zoom” effect as pinching out on a photo on your phone. As a result, the image becomes incredibly blurry.

4. DEKCO Camera

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DEKCO is one of the top 360° Outdoor Security Cameras on the market.  The camera is dependable and straightforward to use. It is also simple to install and reasonably simple to set up on the network. 

This camera provides a crisp image of its surroundings in both; daytime and night vision mode. The motion detection feature is fantastic and will quickly inform your phone. However, there is a significant lag time while moving the camera, and the load time for live stream and video retrieval is slow. As many customers have stated, even on the lowest level, the motion detection is far too sensitive, rendering it useless. It will get triggered by the smallest floating particles. It lacks motion tracking, available in other brands at the same price.

To talk more about DEKCO outdoor Wi-Fi security camera’s adequate qualities, we need to mention that system has 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (rather than 5GHz Wi-Fi), a built-in SD card slot, and up to 128GB Micro SD card capability. The security cameras might get used with encrypted secure cloud storage.

DEKCO home security cameras have built-in microphones and speakers to allow you and your visitors to converse. If there is an undesirable visitor, you may let him go, communicate in real-time, and enjoy a comfortable existence. PTZ cameras can also survive inclement weather and function well in the outdoors.

In conclusion, rotation is very smooth and quiet, so it will not disturb your children or dog. It audibly guides you through the installation procedure step by step. The camera has a good quality, and the app is simple to use. The power cable is sufficient length. The camera software for Android is simple to use, and you can control everything from there.

5. NETVUE Camera

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The Netvue comes with four screws, wall plugs, a weatherproofing tube, a drilling template, the power adapter, the quick guide, and a thank you card with the option of getting 12 months of free cloud storage.

The security camera is 3 megapixels and has 10 infrared LEDs on the front. It has a night vision range of 50 feet with an inbuilt microphone and speaker for two-way audio. The Netvue can get set up through Amazon Alexa, so for example, if you say Alexa show me outside, it will get displayed on your echo shell. 

You can connect the camera through wireless or ethernet connection; the wireless antenna is long, and the unit itself is sturdy. The camera stores footage either on the cloud or you can save locally onto a micro SD card, which gets located on the head of the unit. The footage can get viewed through the netview mobile phone app, which is compatible with android and IOS. 

The head can get rotated horizontally 360 degrees and 160 degrees vertically, also controlled directly through the app. In general, setting up the app is simple, and it is a matter of installing the netview software, which can get done by scanning the QR code in the manual. You will need to create your account to use the sentry pro. Now here you might run into an issue; the files are saved in a weird nvt3 format, meaning downloading the nvt player to play them. However, if you try this, it would not play any of the files from the memory card, you will see how long the video file is, but nothing will be displayed, meaning you are limited to viewing everything through the mobile phone app.

6. ENSTER Camera, 360°

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This PTZ motion detection camera is the best you will find. Its image quality is magnificent in both daylight and low-light conditions. The quality of the night shot is so good that it might pass for sunlight. 

The four infrareds provide the clarity you want. 

When motion gets detected at night, four powerful LED lights illuminate the area in front of the camera. You will be alright if you do not use a motion sensor floodlight since the light from the camera is plenty.

Another advantage of the PTZ camera is its ability to do a nearly 180° panoramic scan. You might observe what is going on on your entire street.

The installation procedure is simple. Before you walk outside and install it on your wall, make sure you couple it with your Wi-Fi using the Ethernet connection linked to your router. If you have installed another ENSTER PTZ camera, I am sure you would agree that this model is the simplest to set up.

In conclusion, this camera is well worth the money, and we highly suggest it. You will not be sorry if you buy it.

However to quickly summarize the issues, if you ever wish to remotely see anything from the app, you will be unable to do so because you can only view the camera while you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network – all of this is impracticable. However, the ENSTER boasts that after setup, the camera can “see from anywhere in the globe,” which is incorrect.

The second issue is that they lack human detection, therefore the camera is continuously going off with every gust of wind because the camera is always recording, which is again highly ineffective.

7. LaView Security Camera

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Setting up the Esnow is the easiest one you will see. You will manage the camera from both your phone and your laptop. When turned to HD, the image quality is outstanding, and it is still fantastic on SD. The night vision is as good as daylight vision, making it one of the best outdoor rotating security cameras. We would highly recommend getting this camera, not because of the low price but also because of the high quality. The camera can follow left and right ceased operating.

It gets powered by a USB connection linked to an 110VAC adaptor. You may connect via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi (2.4 GB only); however, 5 GB will not get used. 

Like we already said, the camera is generally excellent. But the following are two disadvantages.

1. You must have excellent Wi-Fi to avoid latency while moving or viewing via the app. Most customers had to acquire a Wi-Fi extension and place it a couple of feet away from the camera. 

2. Motion detecting is far too accurate. The camera even motions almost every time a snowflake passes by the lens, which might get extremely annoying. 

In conclusion, you will be happy with your new 360-degree camera from Esnow. It is a good deal for the money, only $50 for a camera that has day/night vision and with 1080p resolution. The camera usage will be easier if there were a feature for allowing an alert specific to the app so that you can differentiate between other notifications and the notification that the camera detects motion/sound.

TechEdifer Guide: 360 Degree Outdoor Security Camera

One of the essential items regarding security cameras is the field of view, which gets determined by the focal length of the camera, the lens geometry, and the sensor size. Field of view is a crucial consideration for traditional security cameras but maybe less so for PTZ cameras because they can easily move around in different areas.

Before purchasing, make sure you check the clarity of the images. Nevertheless, because the field of view and zoom have significant effects on the clarity, the clarity images will not be the same for every camera (Daytime and nighttime shots are different from each other, so you need to check both of them).

You know to endure the basic features, like resolution, material, PoE, zoom, but what about extra features? For example, auto motion tracking follows a moving subject around, yet, occasionally auto-tracking causes the camera to search aimlessly, making it distracting to have up on the computer screen. You will not tell the difference between actual movement and the camera randomly deciding to pan around without observation. At night bugs can trigger the auto-tracking, and depending on where the bug is, it might cause you to miss a necessary motion event somewhere else in the camera’s range.

However, like auto-tracking, some cameras have intelligent features like person and facial detection, line crossing abandoned objects and missing object tracking. Previously mentioned features can trigger recordings, PTZ presets, or even activate the relay output for an external alarm siren.

An interesting use case for these features might be to combine them with their outstanding zoom capabilities to record license plates in states like Florida that only require a rear license plate. You can use the directional line crossing with a car filter to trigger a PTZ position that zooms in on the road to capture license plates for passing cars before returning to its home position.

How to view my security cameras on my iPhone?

First, download and install the security camera mobile app on your smartphone, then start the surveillance app and connect your security camera. You can enjoy live watching by selecting the security camera attached to your cell phone. To fulfill your individual surveillance monitoring needs, configure custom surveillance setups such as motion detection mode, upload path, alerts frequency, and others.

You have to go through the process of switching from the multiple camera views to the single-camera view, then changing the display to each security camera at my house.

You can sweep the iPhone screen from right to left to advance the display to the next camera. The bottom navigation icons can be revealed and hidden by tapping on the screen.

Once you have completed these mentioned installation steps, you will see the live view of your security cameras in your home or business, save, and playback video recordings. You can even enjoy features such as talking to the person on the other end of the line on screen via the security camera connected to your cell phone.

The security camera software should be simple to use, so that you may have a great remote watching experience on your phone.

How to watch CCTV cameras from anywhere using the internet?

You may see your CCTV cameras over the internet by downloading a phone app or installing viewing software on your PC. This is not as difficult as it appears. Depending on your system’s capabilities, you could: Connect your digital video recorder (DVR) to the internet, determined by your DVR. This function may be inaccessible to an older security system. Simply connect your recording device to your router using an Ethernet connection by inserting it into the LAN port. You will, however, need to log in to your DVR. Your CCTV supplier should be able to walk you through the process step by step.

Alternatively, you may have your video surveillance company put this up for you.

For remote video surveillance, you will need to download and install viewing software. Your CCTV provider’s viewing software may be proprietary. The top CCTV service providers offer a smart app that you can install on any mobile device and track you. Companies such as Pro-Vigil provide free viewing software that can get downloaded to mobile devices. There are also third-party watching suppliers who can help you see your CCTV camera from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Typically, the model of your security cameras must be compatible with the software that supports the system. Alternatively, contact your CCTV supplier and inquire about how to obtain this critical upgrade.


How to remotely view security cameras using the internet?

You may see your CCTV cameras over the internet by downloading a phone app or installing viewing software on your PC. This is not as difficult as it appears. Depending on your system’s capabilities, you could: Connect your digital video recorder (DVR) to the internet, determined by your DVR.

How to view my security cameras on my android phone?

To connect your home or business security cameras to your mobile phone and monitor what happens while you’re away, you’ll need a high-quality security camera or system as well as a surveillance app that supports both the Android and iOS operating systems.

The good news is that practically all security cameras, particularly IP security cameras, can get connected to mobile phones.

However, there are significant variances across surveillance applications.

How to live stream CCTV over the internet?

First, download and install the security camera mobile app on your smartphone, then start the surveillance app and connect your security camera. You can enjoy live watching by selecting the security camera attached to your cell phone. You have to go through the process of switching from the multiple camera views to the single-camera view, then changing the display to each security camera at my house.

How does a 360-degree security camera work?

360-degree security cameras employ a fisheye lens to capture the whole area and activities, providing comprehensive situational awareness with no blind spots.

The collected film is then real-time dewarped, allowing security personnel to pan, tilt, and zoom around the whole incident.

How do I set my security camera angles?

Most models have three points of articulation. To adjust the pan, loosen the mounting base and adjust the locking ring, use a screwdriver to adjust the tilt. To alter the azimuth, adjust the screw closest to the camera. Loosen the locking knob and change to your desired position.

How do you hook up a 360-degree camera?

1. Get a battery in it and then an SD card that fits right underneath the battery pack.
2. Then you can power it on by pushing the button on the front with a circle on it
3. Once it is on, you will want to navigate using the up and down arrows to the gear icon.
4. You need to click that circle button again to enter the settings menu, and then you want to make sure that Wi-Fi is in AP mode.
5. You can use the back arrow to back out to the main menu and then use the up and down arrows again to navigate to the Wi-Fi on/off button
6. Once you have done all of those things, you can jump over to your phone and download the app.

Final verdict

Let us be honest, we want the simple answer to the question – what is the Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Camera? However, it is not so simple. No camera is the best in every category; for outdoor or inside use, video PoE camera system, battery-powered, etc.

360-degree security cameras employ a fisheye lens to capture the whole area and activities, providing comprehensive situational awareness with no blind spots.

The collected film is then real-time dewarped, allowing security personnel to pan, tilt, and zoom around the whole incident.

To find the 360-degree security camera suited just for you, check out our review.

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