Best 4G LTE Router With SIM Card Slot

If you’re always on the road or you live in a rural area, a 4G LTE router is a must-have device. In this post, we’ll show you the best 4G LTE router with a SIM card slot.

An LTE router is a 4G router or a MiFi router that uses existing network signals to offer fast internet to regions where cable or satellite cannot reach.

If you live in a rural area, you don’t need the best 5G router with a SIM card slot. What you need is a decent 4G LTE router.

Unlike a 5G router with a SIM card slot, a 4G router is perfect for connecting to the internet in under-developed locations with 4G signals.

The products we have on this list are portable and easy to use, they also enable fast Wi-Fi speed and multiple device connections. However, while some of our models are global and can function with any network, others only work with a specific network provider.

We are starting with the strong Netgear Nighthawk M1 4G LTE Wi-Fi router. Apart from the fact that it is the fastest mobile hotspot device for 4G LTE connections, it is also portable, user-friendly, and can run for long hours after a full charge. This makes it a great selection for you both at home and on the road.

We have reviewed some of the top 4G LTE routers on the market and compared them so you can select the one that meets your demands and budget.

Complete List of the Best Wi-Fi Router with SIM Slots

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 4G LTE (MR1100-100NAS)

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Netgear M1 is the most powerful 4G router with a SIM card slot on the list that works with any network provider. The most attractive feature of the flat, and cube-like mobile communicator is its long-lasting battery life, micro SD card space, and user-friendly features.   

Although it comes with a powerful 5040 mAh battery, which makes it great for trips, you can use it even after removing the battery. So, while you are home, simply connect it directly to a power source and you are ready.

It runs on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, with a data transfer rate of 150Mbps. You can also connect up to 20 devices to the mobile router all at once via both USB and ethernet connections.

The router is quite pricey and while it hardly ever speeds up to 1Gbps; it remains one of the fastest mobile routers you can get (depending on your network provider).

The mobile communicator also boasts user-friendly functions, and a colored LCD screen display. The screen displays trackers that allow you to regulate and monitor your data usage.  

Whether you are looking for a superb replacement for your home internet or the best 4G mobile router with a SIM card for the go, Netgear Nighthawk M1 is your best bet.

Extra Tip – If you are having difficulties unlocking the battery case, simply push down the battery cover while sliding it down at the same time.

Cudy N300 WiFi Unlocked 4G LTE Modem Router with SIM Card Slot

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If you are preparing for a long trip and you need a mobile device that will take care of your internet needs, Cudy N300 might just be what you need.

Cudy unlocked portable Wi-Fi router with a SIM slot is lightweight, portable, and one of the cheapest 4g routers with a SIM card slot on the list.

It comes in a pretty design with 4 non-detachable antennas for improved signal sensitivity. You can bend the antennas for easy packaging.

The mobile router with a SIM card slot works with major 4G service providers, including T-mobile and AT&T. N300 runs on a single band (2.4GHz) and is not as fast as cable modems, but its wireless speed of up to 300Mbps is still impressive. You should also remember the quality and stability of your Internet depend on your service provider

You can power the device through its battery or via a solar panel.

Extra Tip – As much as you can, update the firmware regularly for improved overall performance.

MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM7-Combo 4G/LTE Router

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MoFi4500 is a fast rural internet device that we recommend for Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile services. Otherwise known as a business-class router, it is one of the best Wi-Fi routers with SIM slots that comes in an excellent quality build.

With 4 ethernet ports and a USB port, the device provides both local Wi-Fi and ethernet LAN network and supports tethering via a hotspot or USB modem. It also ensures better connectivity via a paddle antenna.

Extra Tip – We don’t know the exact number of devices it can support, but we advise you don’t overstretch it.

Peplink Automatic Failover 4G LTE Mobile Router

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Just like MoFi4500, Peplink is another rugged and durable device. It features surge protection for its port, and this makes it able to withstand extreme temperature conditions (within -40° to 65°C).

With its dual ethernet LAN port, it reduces maintenance glitches and setup hassle to a minimal level. Peplink is easy to set up.

The 4G LTE router is an automatic WAN failover device that can switch between SIM cards, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE/3G, and ethernet WAN.

Verizon certifies the router for use, and it is suitable for both mobile use and confined spaces. The dual-band device also features an inbuilt LTE modem.

It is quite pricey (the most expensive on the list) but it is well worth it.

Router Alcatel Link Hub 4G LTE Unlocked Worldwide

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Alcatel router is simple to set up and comes with everything you need, including 2 antennas for better sensitivity.

Although its price is just a few dollars less than Cudy N300, the attractive white square-shaped device is the cheapest 4g router with a SIM card slot we found. Plus, it is as light as air (not literally, but you should get the point).

While it is compatible with major US carriers, including T-mobile and AT&T, the internet speed depends on the LTE signal in your area.

Alcatel link hub has a LAN port and supports virtually any Wi-Fi device. However, it only runs on 2.4GHz frequency with a data transfer rate of up to 150Mbps and wireless coverage of 250 meters.

Extra Tip – You don’t have to fix the antenna to use the router.

It is not as fast as other major 4G LTE routers, but you can use it as a backup device.

Novatel / Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice T1114

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Novatel 4G LTE broadband router has a solid speed performance and signal strength for multiple device connections anywhere there is access to a good 4G signal.  

It supports Verizon SIM only and not other network services.

The broadband device comes with a pre-installed Verizon SIM card. However, Verizon does not offer unlimited data plans for this device.

Setting up the Verizon 4g LTE router with a SIM card slot is hassle-free and SIM card activation is via the Verizon website.

There are two ports on the case where you can connect external antennas to improve internet connectivity.