Best Mesh Wifi for Google Fiber

Google fiber is an award-winning internet ISP, offering up to 1-gigabit upload and 2-gigabit download speed. When you are using any gig internet plan of Google fiber, you may also require the best mesh wifi router for Google fiber internet.

Google Fiber is crazy fast to one gigabyte of download and uploads internet speeds. However, do you know the best compatible wifi routers for google fiber? If not, keep on reading!

It’s now simple to connect your all devices in your home with Google Fiber compatible router.

Overview of wifi mesh system for google fiber

If you have noticed that your regular Google Fiber router can not handle multiple devices connected to it simultaneously, then Mesh Wi-Fi is a key. With several devices dispersed across your home, a decent mesh router acts as a team of routers, relaying wireless data back to the modem more effectively than a regular router, especially when connected at range.

Nevertheless, not all Google Wi-Fi customers can connect to a third-party router. So, the first step is to see if your Wi-Fi plan allows you to use a router that Google does not offer. Furthermore, because Google Fiber is so fast, you will need a router that supports Wi-Fi 6 – the most recent Wi-Fi version available.

Of course, you can not take note of every single detail, that is why we did some research and help you find the best Best Mesh Wifi For Google Fiber 2022.

Best Mesh Wifi for Google Fiber Todays Deal!

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best WiFi router for Google Fiber

Google Nest WiFi – AC2200

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The Nest Wi-Fi is a follow-up product to the successful Google Wi-Fi mesh router system. The primary value prop of the Nest Wi-Fi is that it will give you better Wi-Fi coverage in your home versus the setup that most people still seem to have, which is one router at one point of their home.

Google changed the shape of the power jack with the nest Wi-Fi system to a round shape, which makes it more of a pain to try to plug it into a power surge protector that already has a lot of things plugged into it. 

To manage somebody else’s Wi-Fi set up remotely, you need permissions that will give you complete control over every device in the Google Home setup. It would be better if they would provide better permission controls here. Nest Wi-Fi system performs solidly. 

It is a solid upgrade over the Google Wi-Fi system thanks to the new Wi-Fi point’s Google Assistant integration. 

How many should you get? I would use Google’s tool on their website to determine and keep in mind depending on the build of your house, how many stories, the building materials, how open the floor plan is, all of those can factor into how many points and routers you may need in your setup.

Note that if you do not care about the Nest Wi-Fi points and their Google Assistant functionality and want Wi-Fi routers, Google sells a 2 pack of the routers. The Nest Wi-Fi system starts at $169 US dollars and is available in various colors and configurations on Google’s website and major retailers.

Nevertheless, Nest Wi-Fi routers are strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices and fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time.

NETGEAR Orbit Tri-band

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Net gear RBK50 is a Wi-Fi, which gives wireless routers and attached satellites to extend your wireless networks. You will have the same network name on both the 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz wireless frequencies. The point of this system is to get rid of dead or low-speed zones within your home. Satellites have the same wireless SSID as the primary router, so your devices can move from access point to access point without any trouble, which is similar to a commercial system, but it gets built for residential competitors. 

If you do not like being wired everywhere and love streaming stuff on different devices, you need some way, and this system works for that. A Tri-band system means that you have a 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz band in which the router and satellite talk between one another.

You might notice that the satellite might have some issues with disconnecting from the primary router, which would occur intermittently and didn’t seem to coincide with the Apple device issue.

Some of the features include an app guest networking parental controls, Google assistant support and many others. Since we are putting this into our home and will be a part of your decor, we have to talk about how it looks. It has a basic look, is under 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide, so it is big, but it looks better than previous models with all the antennas.

Setting up the router is straightforward. First of all, you can use the app to set it up, and it will go as expected. You need to plug the router into the modem, wait for it to connect. Once it bonds, it will tell you to link the satellite to power and then wait for these two to talk in between, after that everything will be ready in 10 minutes.

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ASUS AX6100 WiFi 6

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There are some cool features that you can find within the settings of the Asus router, and after you have gone through all the sites, you can get back to the fun pot, which is placing. You can place this router wherever you want because the only cable you will need to connect the node is the power cable. 

The five gigahertz Wi-Fi speed will get 80 megabytes per second transfer speed from a server to a computer. That is 80 percent of what a gigabit wired connection can give you, keep in mind your mileage may vary depending on your hardware. 

The 2.4 GHz network on this router is awful. There must be something wrong with the design of this router since so many people experience this issue. It might start with the router randomly dropping devices connecting to that network. Then the problem might become a lot more frequent, so be aware!

If you live in a reinforced house, you can place the two nodes in two different rooms, and walking from one side of the house to the next, you can see the signal jump up and down, but you will not get disconnected from your Wi-Fi. 

This router gets made for people that do not have time to study manuals and somebody with a Wi-Fi signal problem in their large home, who needs to download games at 200 megabits a second in a room far away from the one where the modem connects to the fiber. 

The router is also for an enthusiast who likes a fast Wi-Fi home network and dragged through a Gigabit LAN cable from one point to another – these routers are basically for any and everyone!

Mesh Routers: Router For 1000 Mbps

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The TP-Link will let you walk through your house, and it is going to automatically connect you and bounce between other Wi-Fi to keep your signal super-strong. If you have any dead zones in your home, you can do two types of connections with the router; the regular Wi-Fi connection, which is gigahertz, or the super-fast Wi-Fi connection, which gets known as 5 gigahertz wireless. 

Let’s say where you watch videos connect to the five gigahertz network. However, to the part where the router is far away when you work, you can connect to the 2.4 gigahertz network, which will get more powerful and more reliable.

Therefore, this device allows you to switch between those two options, which are excellent, and it shows you the range of things you can do with it, like how many videos you could be streaming.

Nevertheless, “intelligent” switching between 2.4GHz and 5GHz means you cannot choose it yourself.

This device allows you to control who joins your network and is not on your network. Therefore, if you got friends and family coming over, you can give them a guest link on software, and if you want to keep harmful devices like your neighbors stealing your Wi-Fi off, you can stop them by pressing a button, and there can no longer be a part of your network at that point. 

The deco app is an excellent addition; you can even set time limits on how much peep time people spend online, you can even block adult content if you are a parent. It has many options to control every aspect of your network using these tp-link routers.

However, it does not show devices connected unless you agree to the “cloud” option, where it will log every single device and probably its activity.

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Google WiFi – AC1200

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Finding the correct Wi-Fi device for your home poses a real challenge with all the available options. Here we have the Google Wi-Fi AC120, which is among the connected systems for Wi-Fi in the home or office. 

The AC1200 Google Wi-Fi unit has a pleasant sleek design weighing only twelve ounces, meaning you will not have to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

The router functions as the primary router for your home internet connection; you can connect additional units to extend wired internet. It beams a link wirelessly, so there are no annoying cords or wires to mess around. 

The device is also equipped with two gigabytes Ethernet ports / Wi-Fi at the point; there is one LAN in another land port for each, this provides you with lightning-fast Wireless and wire connections throughout your home or office. The quad-core arm CPU that each of these units uses is by offering consistently reliable performance. Each core of this processor runs at 710 megahertz, which is pretty impressive even by modern standards. 

Setting up the Google Wi-Fi device is a simple process with no complicated steps to struggle with you will use the free Android or iOS mobile app to get through this entire process.

There are extraordinary settings in the Wi-Fi app, such as continuous monitoring of your network; you can also use this app to manage the various devices that get connected to the network. There is even a built-in Wi-Fi test utility allowing you to check the current strength of your connection.

One of the best things about this app is that it lets you prioritize your bandwidth for specific devices for periods. If you have a family with multiple people using various devices, who have children, living at home will find the family controls in the Google Wi-Fi app helpful, allowing you to pause the devices your children use.

Mesh Routers: Mesh Wifi For AT&T Fiber

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The tp-link Deco X90 comes with quick start guides, Wi-Fi six mesh units, power adapters, and Ethernet cables. The mesh units get powered by a quad-core CPU running at 1.5 gigahertz tri-band Wi-Fi 160 megahertz channel support AiMesh and optional Ethernet backhaul in the ports option. Both divisions have one gig and 2.5 gig van and LAN ports with auto-sensing, so you can either use one gig or 2.5 gig port for van or LAN, and there is a reset button at the bottom.

The new cylindrical design has ventilation on the top and bottom to keep the powerful hardware temperature under control. The overall body dimensions are medium, with a clean design and solid construction.

The two-unit mesh system gets configured for maximum performance and coverage up to 6000 square feet and 200 devices. It is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh system with a total networking speed of about 600 megabits per second, and the following is a breakdown. 

The 2.4 gigs can deliver up to 574 megabits per second, the five gigahertz dash one band can provide up to 1201 megabits per second, and five gigahertz dash two-band can deliver up to four point eight gigabits per second.

The Deco X9- mesh setup is an easy three-step process; all you have to do is download the tp-link Deco app to your android or IOS device, connect your router to your modem, or if you have files with an Ethernet connection, you can link the router’s van port directly to the Ethernet cable. 

Overall tp-link Deco X90 Wi-Fi 6 system performs well. This unit produced one of the best Wi-Fi coverage and bandwidth speeds compared to the previous reviews and did it with an attractive design. 

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Gryphon Guardian

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The Gryphon Guardian router is the tool and a solution that allows you to take complete control of what is going on in your Wi-Fi, keep your family safe, and get those Wi-Fi speeds back.

Do not let its size fool you, it fits into the palm, but this little device allows you to take control of your entire network. A Gryphon parent control router includes the Gryphon app, which is simple to install and maintain. 

Schedule up a secure network, check parental settings, and set bedtimes for all your devices across the house to safeguard against hackers and harmful material or to restrict time spent on the internet.

You place the nodes around your house; the first one connects to your modem, allowing you to create that Wi-Fi mesh network. These nodes are more intelligent than your standard Wi-Fi system. They can talk to each other and can understand the traffic that’s going on and then re-reach your traffic around any traffic jams, so if someone is downloading massive files in one location, it is going to read the traffic around it. Therefore, you get a better experience and the ability to send and receive data simultaneously on the 2.4 and the 5 gigahertz bands. It does a beautiful handover when you’re moving from one location to another, it becomes a different Wi-Fi experience altogether, so you get that with the Gryphon Guardian.

It would be better if the brand managed basic things to take it to the next level. ICMP should not respond from WAN. Even with ports all stealth, I would like to see ICMP response black holed. However, it is not a huge issue.

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Google WiFi

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The GA0015 Wi-Fi Mesh Router system gets indicated by the three nodes on the front. These nodes are pretty big, and they seem to work pretty well, and you will be able to get good speeds around the house. The Google products are straightforward and easy to set up.

Google Wi-Fi replaces your old router network and works with your modem and ISP to create a mesh network.

The only thing that might make you a little uncomfortable is because it is a Google product, and you need a Gmail account to set them up. Another way for a big company to monitor your traffic is to know what you are doing and get more insights.

The product comes with Deco Gear, which fits perfectly into your Google Wi-Fi router and makes installation easy. It will keep the cord hidden while keeping the device secure and stable. 

Wireless internet service with each unit offers a Wi-Fi point that covers up to 1,500 square feet, meaning three of these units can cover up to 4,500 square feet. If this is not adequate, you can always add more units that satisfy most people’s requirements. 

There is a traffic prioritization feature that gamers will appreciate and get plenty of use from, ensuring you always get as much bandwidth as you need for each of your online gaming sessions. 

The network automatically repairs itself if one or more of the Wi-Fi points go down at any time, meaning you will not have to worry about any interruptions that can mess with your gameplay or other online activities. Google Wi-Fi mesh system operates over the 802 protocol, which translates to fast wired and wireless connections, one of the primary reasons why it has become such a popular choice among consumers.

One of the best things about this product is that it is well-suited for both; residential and office settings.

How to set up Google Fiber?

A self-installation kit comes with everything you need to get your home fiber service up and running.

In your kit, you will find the network box, two Ethernet cables, and the QuickStart guide. You will also use the fiber jack, which has already been installed for you by a google fiber technician.

How to find the Fiber Jack?

The fiber jack is where the internet signal enters your home. It may be set up to allow a direct connection from your equipment to the fiber jack itself, or it may be set up to connect to an ethernet wall plate instead.

The fiber jack is in the living room on the same wall near where your TV is located, possibly behind a piece of furniture.

Installation Steps

  • Once you locate the fiber jack connected to the network box with either Ethernet cable for homes that must use the Ethernet wall plate on your living room’s main media wall, connect your network box to the port at the top of the wall plate.
  • Plugin your network box with its power cable.
  • The network box will begin at the startup sequence, which may take up to 15 minutes. The light on the front will be solid blue when your Google Fiber network is connected and ready for Wi-Fi set up. Your network box created a default setup Wi-Fi network you will use to complete your installation, using any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Connect your device to the G fiber and set up a Wi-Fi network that contained your address number.
  • After you connect to the default setup Wi-Fi network open a new browser tab, this routes you to the Google Fiber welcome page, where you will follow the on-screen steps to verify and complete the setup of your personal Google Fiber Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • If you are not automatically redirected, visit Wi-Fi setup Google Fiber Net to complete your setup.
  • Now disconnect your device from the default set up Wi-Fi and connect it to your new personal Google Fiber Wi-Fi network.
  • You can connect your other devices using your new personal network name and password anytime.


Does Google Mesh work with fiber?

A mesh network is on your side: You’ll be able to utilize your devices throughout your home with Google Wi-Fi 1 Gig or the Multi-Gig Router 2 Gig since all of the access points are weaved or meshed together.

If you need assistance getting started, follow these steps.

Step 1: Position the mesh extender halfway between your multi-gig router and the furthest Wi-Fi devices.

For step 2: Connect your mesh extender to your Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router.
Connect your devices to your new mesh extender in step three.

Can I use any WIFI router with Google Fiber?

Almost all routers are compatible with coaxial lines, so switching to a fiber-optic device is unnecessary; however, upgrading to one that delivers faster speeds is advised.

Because you must utilize the Network Box, purchasing a new router may be unnecessary (your traffic still goes through the Network Box).

As a result, some customers do not need to utilize a traditional router with their Google Fiber subscription.

Is Google mesh Wi-Fi good for gaming?

The Google Nest mesh Wi-Fi is an excellent addition to any house.

While the ability to handle several devices simultaneously makes it efficient, gamers frequently use dedicated “gaming routers,” the Google Nest Wi-Fi works more than well enough to be an all-purpose mesh system. To achieve the maximum speed, utilize a gigabit connection, enable device priority, and connect through a wired connection.

With this method, the Nest Wi-Fi will ensure, you do not have any delays or losses while playing.

Final Verdict

So, what exactly is Google Fiber? To put it in the most basic possible way, it is your internet, and if you want a TV from Google, you can pay for this service.

If you pay for a TV in your home and then you get that signal from that provider that is where your box comes in and gets that signal, then displays it on your TV. The same thing with your internet, you are paying another service provider, most likely, or you might have a whole package that gives you a generally subsidized package with your internet, your TV, and maybe your phone service. Google has decided to get in the game and become another one of those providers you might want to consider over those other ones.

However, you need a Google Fiber router that can handle 1,000 megabits per second down, up, downloads, and 1,000 megabits per second upload plan. Hopefully, after reviewing all of these products, you can find the best mesh Wi-Fi for Google Fiber.

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