Best Mesh WiFi for Starlink

You need the best mesh Wi-Fi for Starlink: 

  • If you struggle with Wi-Fi dead spots in and around your house,
  • Or want to expand your wireless coverage.

Getting Starlink a mesh Wi-Fi setup is not that simple, and you could find yourself unable to choose amongst the several mesh alternatives available. Additionally, not all mesh systems will function with Starlink.

While the original Starlink mesh node is suitable for beginners, it lacks support for some essential advanced features, including Wi-Fi 6 and tri-band frequency.

In this analysis, we looked at the best three mesh Wi-Fi systems for Starlink available in the market that will help you increase Wi-Fi coverage and get rid of dead spots.

Interestingly, this Starlink mesh Wi-Fi router review comprises only NETGEAR mesh systems and you may wonder why:

Netgear is a leader in Wi-Fi technology with millions of users

  • They offer an impressive product warranty, and
  • Your data and personal information are safe with Netgear.

In the product assessments, we started with the most affordable Netgear Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 Mesh system. It is a clear definition of getting more for less. With a network speed of up to 1.8GBPS, the mesh network can cover up to 6000 sq. ft. area with two satellites. This is a clear upgrade from the speed and wireless coverage of the default Starlink mesh nodes.

The Best Picks: Best Router for Starlink

  • NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 – Tri-band Mesh 1 Satellite Extender for Business or Home | Coverage up to 6,000 sq. ft. and 60+ Devices
  • NETGEAR Orbi Pro – Router with 1 Satellite Extender for Business or Home | Coverage up to 6,000 sq. ft. and 60+ Devices | AX6000 802.11 AX (up to 6Gbps) (Pack of 2)
  • NETGEAR Orbi RBK752 – Router with 1 Satellite Extender | Coverage up to 5,000 sq. ft., 40 Devices | AX4200 (Up to 4.2Gbps)
Best Mesh WiFi for Starlink

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wifi 6 Mini Mesh System (SXK30B3)


  • Cheapest Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System
  • Efficient web user interface
  • Portable footprint with wall mounting kits
  • Backhaul support for wired connection
  • Best for small businesses, home workers, and retail spaces.

No products found.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 mini mesh can provide reliable wireless connections for your Starlink internet at an affordable price and this is why we love it.


The Orbi Pro Mini Mesh is the most portable NetGear Wi-Fi 6 device we know of. It features a router unit and satellite unit(s) that look almost identical. Plus, Netgear supplies a mounting kit for each unit. They both come in a beautifully sleek design with LED indicators at the front of the unit. The LED screen displays different colors to show when it is booting and connecting, it can also alert you if there is a problem.

Set up and Configuration

You can set the system up via the Netgear Insight mobile app. However, a lot of users have found the Insight app quite complicated to use, as the steps it entails are not instant. It takes a while to configure, sometimes up to 20 minutes or even more.

Plus, you need to subscribe to a paid plan annually (up to $10 per month) to enjoy premium features on Insight after enjoying its one-month free subscription.

The good thing is that you can use the Web Interface in place of the Insight app, which is quite easier to navigate and better coordinated. The Web Interface has tons of extra features in the Wi-Fi settings, including Port forwarding, Open VPN, Dynamic DNS, and more.

Temperature Regulation

Each unit also has good ventilation at the top and bottom to keep the temperature in check.


3 packs comprising a router and two satellites cost 399 dollars on Amazon, which is very much more affordable than the pro version.


There are four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports on both the modem and router units. However, the router also features a WAN port for connecting directly to Starlink or any other internet broadband modem.

The system uses dual-band technology and speeds up to 1800 Mbps. A router and two satellite units can connect to over 60 devices at a go. However, while 6 satellites of the Orbi Pro Mini can cover 6000 sq. ft., the pro version is capable of 3 times more (18,000 sq. ft.).

If you want more coverage, you can expand the mesh network by adding more satellite units.

The speed test result of the system is quite close to the wired LAN speed test and its wireless signal strength is impressive.

Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System

As a Wi-Fi 6 system, it boasts reliable security with up to 4 SSID networks, including administration, Guest Wi-Fi, employee devices, and IoT devices

Like every other Wi-Fi 6 router, the Netgear Orbi Pro mini is backward compatible with the Wi-Fi 5 Starlink internet.

Extra Features

Its firmware cannot fail from firmware update disruption because Netgear Orbi AX1800 features dual flash firmware storage.  

Sadly, the Orbi Pro mini system does not provide parental control features. However, parents can still keep their lads safe on the web by utilizing its tons of web filtering options in the security settings.

The Orbi AX1800 is superb for a wired setup with its wired backhaul support. It won’t be out of place to submit that the Orbi Pro Mini is the wired version of the Orbi pro. However, for wireless setup, the speed is not so impressive.

Apart from its low Wi-Fi speed, other drawbacks that we found with this piece are:

  • No USB ports,
  • No dedicated backhaul channel,
  • No support for the 160MHz channel
  • Insight’s free trial starts without users’ permission.

Reviewer’s Verdict

This Starlink mesh Wi-Fi system is not as fast as the Orbi pro version but it is more affordable, so it’s still a win-win.

Great for Starlink Residential Users internet broadband subscription.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wifi 6 Triband Mesh System (SXK80B4) – AX6000


  • 6000Mbps Backhaul
  • Easy setup
  • Multigig WAN port
  • Excellent wired and wireless setup
  • Outstanding Range and Performance
  • Tri-band Mesh Router.

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NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest Wi-Fi 6 mesh system on the list and it is a great pick if you have a large-sized home/space.

The pro version is like the mini system, with the primary difference between them being the maximum number of connected devices and the total amount of bandwidth available for the connected devices.


The Orbi Pro comes with a distinguishable router and satellite units.

They have large footprints that are difficult to hide. If you want a smaller device, you’ll probably like the Orbi Pro Mini better because the pro version has large footprints that are difficult to hide.


To say it as it is, the Orbi pro version is super pricey, with 3 units (a router and two satellites) costing a whooping 1099.99 dollars on Amazon.


Netgear Orbi Pro speeds up to 6Gbps and can meet the Wi-Fi needs of your most demanding devices. and can provide wireless coverage for a large space up to 18,000 sq. ft. (with 6 satellites).  

The tri-band system boasts of a faster processor, increased top speed, and a second 5GHz band.

With its internal antenna design, Netgear has well suited for large spaces with support for 25 connected devices per satellite unit.

The Orbi Pro can pass Wi-Fi data between the router and its satellites without a drop in speed (dedicated backhaul channel).

The router and satellite units have 5-Gigabit ethernet ports each. However, the router has 2.5Gbps WAN and 4-Gigabit ethernet, while the satellites have 2.5Gbps LAN and 4-Gigabit ethernet ports. You can extend your router’s physical capabilities via its 5 ports for hard-wired connection.

We think this mesh system is overkill for home use. Also, since we are focusing on Starlink internet in this review, we advise you use it alongside the Starlink broadband internet subscription for business owners for a noticeable Wi-Fi performance boost.

You can also add 3 to 4 satellite units to the Orbi Pro mesh network to expand coverage for impressive Wi-Fi performance.

Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System

For access control, users have access to a lot of control options, including the creation of 4 SSIDs and Guest Wi-Fi.

Set up and Configuration

You can easily set up the Orbi AX6000 via the Insight app, Insight web portal, or the WEB User Interface.

Extra Features

With its password, it can create 3 SSIDs (separate networks) for admin staff, employees, and guests in public places. It also features WPA3 and IoT for small businesses and home offices.

Reviewer’s Verdict

For a mesh system as expensive as the Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6, we expected more advanced control features.

However, apart from its super expensive price tag and large footprint, we think this mesh system is a masterpiece!



  • A tri-band mesh system
  • Easy setup
  • Great for Starlink Internet
  • Great for mid-sized homes and spaces
  • Moderately priced

No products found.

ETGEAR Orbi RBK752 is the last option on the list of Starlink mesh Wi-Fi and one of Netgear’s finest.


A router and satellite unit cost only 350 dollars on Amazon.

The Orbi RBK752 is typically more expensive than the Orbi Pro mini but less expensive than the NETGEAR Orbi Pro mesh system.

If you are looking for a nice moderately prized mesh system for your Starlink internet, we recommend the RBK752 mesh system.

Simple Set up

You can simply set up the system either via the Orbi app or via a connected web browser (   

With the app, you can easily access different control features, including the Armor security software, the details of connected devices, and the number of satellites connected to the network.

The system requires little or no customization.


RBK752 features simple LED light indicators.

Although it is still one of the largest mesh units, Orbi AX4200 is quite smaller than the Orbi Pro AX6000.  


The Orbi RBK752 features a tri-band design with a dedicated backhaul channel for transferring data from satellites to the host.   

It makes use of passive cooling technology with fresh air coming in from the bottom of the unit and oozing out at the top.

There are 4 ports on the router (a WAN port + 3 Gigabit ports) and two Gigabit ports on each satellite unit.

The system has 6 internal antennas and collectively speeds up to 4200Mbps on its three frequency bands.

According to NETGEAR, a Wi-Fi unit and a satellite can cover a 5000 sq. ft. space.

It supports both wired and wireless backhaul connections. However, for the best speed experience, use the wireless backhaul.

The Netgear Armor

The security program is free for 30 days and costs 70 dollars afterward. You need to subscribe to keep your network and its beneficiaries safe.

Unlike the Orbi Pro, they do not support the recent 2.5Gbps multi-gig inputs but peak at a data flow of 1Gbps.

The wireless performance with one satellite is good enough but can drop with distance. Hence, adding more satellite units is necessary for wider space coverage.

Reviewer’s Verdict

Let’s just say in terms of price, performance, and even size, the Orbi RBK752 is sitting pretty comfy somewhere in between Orbi Pro mini and Orbi pro.

How To Choose the Right Starlink Mesh Network

A lot of Starlink users encounter slow wireless connections at different corners around their space, especially with the Starlink mesh nodes. Plus, the Starlink mesh range is not so good. However, getting the Right mesh network can fix this issue.

Look out for the feature below in choosing the best mesh system for your Starlink Network:

Multiple band Mesh Technology

For your Starlink mesh network, your choice of mesh system should have more dual-band or tri-band frequency. A tri-band mesh network is most preferable because they feature a dedicated backhaul channel; this ensures that the wireless signal penetrates through thick walls and barriers.

WPA3 Security Protocol

A mesh system with the WPA3 security protocol is stronger and better fortified against malware network insecurity and cyber thieves.

Fast and Seamless Wireless Speed

Mesh network systems with speedy Wi-Fi connections can help you maximize your Starlink internet. Anything short might just be a waste. Hence, look out for the maximal speed throughput of any mesh system you want to purchase and ensure that it would be a good match for your Starlink Internet plan.

Excellent Coverage

If you want the best performance with the Starlink router, you cannot overlook the wireless coverage of a mesh network unit. This will ensure that there are little or no dead ends within your space and spread Starlink internet to anywhere you need it around your space.

Wi-Fi 5 of Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Network?

It depends on the specifications of the Mesh Wi-Fi network system.

From all the qualities we highlighted above, a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system would make a better pair with Starlink internet. The reasons are because:

  • They feature WPA3 encryption.
  • In terms of wireless speed, they are faster
  • They have an excellent range of wireless coverage.

However, not all Wi-Fi 6 mesh units are tri-band or quad-band systems, some Wi-Fi 6 mesh devices feature dual band frequency (NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 Mini Mesh System).

The implication of this is that a Wi-Fi 6 system with dual band frequency will not support dedicated backhauling. Hence, the wireless signal will not penetrate through powerful walls or building-to-building setups.

Is Starlink Wi-Fi 6?

Starlink is a Wi-Fi 5 router, that is the simple answer. Plus, they have Wi-Fi 5 nodes, and not Wi-Fi 6.