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If you think of changing ISPs because you need flexibility and customizability, the Ubiquiti router is always the right choice. Ubiquiti has a range of routers under the AmpliFi brand for consumers who are looking for a plug-and-play solution and are not only great for home use but also for massive public spaces that need to broadcast a Wifi network across an entire building.

In comparison to other industry providers, Ubiquiti provides excellent pricing, simple installation, and a beautiful appearance. However, how would you know what is the best Ubiquiti router suited just for you? You need to think about features, speeds, dimensions, technology, etc. Fortunately, we did some research and will help you with your every need.

Best Ubiquiti Router Todays Deal!

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The best Ubiquiti router

1. Ubiquiti Unifi

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First, let us start with the package. It comes with a Quick Start Guide and the actual security gateway, which is entirely metal. You will also see the power cable plugging into the power adapter and the mounting hardware. The first thing you will notice is that they first originally had the ethernet ports LAN one, and IP, but they have now changed it LAND. Therefore you can have this as a failover like land to port, or you could have it as a second LAND port.

One of the best things about the USG is how easy it is to set up and get adopted simply with the Unifi controller software. Configurable to dual WAN supports DNS, the UniFi controller software is simply amazing. Another extraordinary thing if you are running out of POE switches is that you will not need many ports on this router.

However, with having a fixed IP address, you cannot even hope to adopt it without going on a fishing expedition. 

Most importantly, keep in mind – do not plug this router into a functioning network or it will not function for long. If you have to get one of these, attach it to a physically isolated network, your uplink, and a single multi-homed computer running the controller. If you do one of those things, the USG will get isolated, so it cannot overrun your other DHCP server and take the network down by handing out addresses.

2. Ubiquiti Network ER-X

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One of the reasons people run away from Ubiquiti is the price of the routers. However, ER-X is the most inexpensive and advanced choice on the Ubiquiti networks. The most beneficial feature of ER-X is how fast it is, especially for small businesses and most homes. Of course, for more massive networks, the internet might be slow.

The router can get powered by passive PoE, Ubiquiti’s proprietary 24-volt passive PoE injectors and switches. In addition to the passive Poe going into eth Port 0, you can pass that out of Eth port 4 and power another Ubiquiti device that supports their passive PoE.

You can use dual/redundant WANs with ER-X. WAN Redundancy is mainly a backup system over a network setting. When there is a network outage having a WAN redundancy system in place will enable the system to switch over to the active WAN link. Firmware update on the ER-X makes it detailed and easy to navigate. The newest version revealed improvements to that interface.

However, having a powerful router is not always an advantage – For example, EX-R is more challenging than a typical consumer router to configure. If you love technology and understand the simple basis of routers, you need to try this product.

Now we get to the main point that might turn you from the ER-X. It does n work with Unifi Network Cloud software. The Unifi USG does work with this software but has other trade-offs. 

3. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4

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One of the reasons you should buy Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is the building quality, which is terrific. The router lives up to all its specs, so you will never encounter a more versatile router in this price range. However, we underline the price range because some of the features of this product are harsh. 

Nevertheless, if you are shopping for an Ubiquiti router specifically, you will appreciate the features of this device.

For starters, Ubiquiti handles a dual wan with 1gbps at the 1 Gbps throughputs without dpi or QoS. With QoS enabled, throughput drops to 500mbps. Contrary to the implication in the other comment, this does not have a 10G sfp+.

Some misunderstandings will quickly add up, and you will end up configuring this router for several hours.

Every stage of the user interface is flawed and often inconsistent. For example, sometimes it will give you cryptic examples and seldom do they display completely useless or misleading prompts. Unfortunately, the whole system feels like a prototype that did not get reviewed by a third party before it went into production.

Unlike the other Ubiquiti products, this one does not have a switch chip in it, so it does not switch as well as some of the lesser products; this product needs an upgrade and fixing every detail. This router could sell for nearly twice as much if it did not have such horrible software, so I guess you could say that the price includes your time.

4. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4

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While at first sight, you might not like the Edgerouter Lite 3-port as it has a plain design for 160 bucks product but do not get tricked because of the looks. 

The router comes with QoS app targeting, meaning it prioritizes application traffic so that the most critical apps take priority when capacity is scarce.  You need to keep in mind that the product not only comes with routing protocol for Internet Protocol but also with BGP, IPSec, and OpenVPN. You will have unique features and maximum control.  Edgerouter has gigabit wired connections, so when users get connected to this router, they get download speeds at almost pure gig speeds.

Using GUI (a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicators on the device) and the setting up process is easy. When you configure the DNS server via the GUI, you need to drop it down to CLI to tell the system to configure DNS servers instead of the ones you get from ISP. If you enter a DNS server to get used, the DNS server is using without you having to drop to CLI. Unlike already discussed ER-X, this one is not a switch combo – You cannot hook up 4 wired devices to it. 

In conclusion, this router is not for everyone, but for those looking for a small challenge and rock-solid stability, you are at the right place.

5. Ubiquiti Infinity 10-Gigabit SFP

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Next on our list is the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter – One of the most special routers on the market. 

One of the reasons is that it is faster with a couple more features than the ER4 that it replaced. The router itself is extremely powerful, with lots of redundancy and the capability to boot. It can directly copy your ER4 config file and transfer it to the ER-8-XG without any modifications. 

One of the selling points for the router is that it will get accepted your UF-RJ45-1G SFP modules without too much trouble. The setup process is not as hard as you think, especially if you love technology.

However, how many products on the market come without disadvantages? The router might be a little out of your price range, but if you need a stable product with powerful features, you need to buy this router.

Setting QoS on both upload and download for the gigabit/100 wan; using the exact configuration files directly from the ER4 initially yielded slower results than the ER4.

You need to keep in mind that the ER4 with no QoS enabled will get the full speeds in both directions, but if a single computer uses the full connection in either direction, you will get 180+ ms in buffer bloat with dropped packets. However, with QoS enabled, the ER4 will drop the buffer bloat down to virtually nothing on upload and about 6ms on download, but at a heavy price.

6. Ubiquiti Airmax Basestation

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Next is the simply astonishing and exceptional sector antenna that can add a lot of power to your weak signal, and it can take you to a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers. This antenna works at a 90-degree angle. They can spread your flag in the direction of your client – you can add it with your rocket M.

Unidirectional high gain antennas, in general, are worthy of purchase because you can avoid interference from other Wi-Fi signals around you.

Rocket M needs an antenna like this one. For example, you can use the grid antenna. If you decide to buy this antenna, you will have a proper direction and angle, so you can cover a lot of area by adding with the rocket M. 

As for design and exterior, this product is heavy, but you can place the antenna anywhere outside, as it is weatherproof whether it is raining or bad weather, hot weather, you can install it anywhere you want.

You can use it for point-to-point, or you can use it for the point-to-multipoint connection, so this is ideal for point-to-multipoint. However, we need to mention the most vital part of buying any product – The price. It is not a budget-friendly product, but the perfect features have consequences.

The installation process on these devices is not easy. However, installing Airmax is a cakewalk, even if you do not know anything about technology. The whole process on AirMax BaseStation Antennas requires no special tools. 

7. Ubiquiti Unifi Pro (USG-PRO-4)

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Let us continue with the USG-PRO-4. As you already know, you cannot do multiple IP addresses on a single network interface, which is a tremendous problem for the business side. Companies with even a small block of IP addresses for a couple of different services need to do the process officially. However, this model is significantly better than the entry-level USG. For small to medium-size businesses, or for home users that want to ditch their minimally secure combo routers/wifi units, this is an excellent choice, 

The smaller model would max out around 200Mbps with most of the features turned off and hardware offload enabled. This model still requires most features disabled, but you will hit 500mbps to 600mbps on it. Turning on threat management significantly slows the device. A gigabit connection could not run on this model, and as it is not powerful enough for heavy workloads, even at 500Mbps.

One of the most significant selling points on the device is the management features on unified gear.  The IPv6 support on this device is mediocre. Part of the problem is the upstream router from the cable provider. 

Nevertheless, the main problem customers complain about is the noise. The USG-PRO does not have a proper fan, making a low but thin voice. If you get annoyed, the problem gets easily fixed by purchasing a pair of fans that take like 2 minutes to install – but who want to spend more money after already buying an expensive product.

8. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P

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If you have not yet found the router of your dreams, then the Unifi dream router will most definitely be your last choice. The UDR is a plug-and-play Unifi console featuring a built-in 4×4 enterprise Wi-Fi 6 access point for the latest and fastest wireless connectivity. You will give access to the internet, everyone you would want to. 

The built-in PoE gigabit switch has two PoE ports that let you power your devices right from the UDR, which means you can change things, have VLANs, and such. It is a magnificent feature of advanced security in the gateway. We saw some of that with the IPS and IDs astonishing that you can have that entire in one little package, no need for a cloud key or an additional server.

Not only that, but the built-in 128-gigabyte SSD provides instant storage for unifying protect video camera security deployment, and an SD slot allows for easy expansion. 

All the great features go to waste if you cannot set the router up or it is too much work, and you get tired of it. The UDR sets up in minutes and is ready to run any Unifi os application and power your home or small business deployment. Everything you need for a complete unified experience The Unifi dream router can offer.

However, you will not see a significant performance change unless you have multiple devices in your network, which gets adjusted towards small businesses or your home.

9. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-6P-US

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If you need a high-performance router with a proper QoS implementation because your devices are overloading previous routers, you need to try ER-6P-US. Unlike the ER-POE, the EdgeRouter 6P has an optional rack-mount kit available.

PoE 2 and 4 pair, all five ports can have software enabled as a switch, dual wan with traffic balancing and fall over, and fanless. What more can you expect for this price? However, 48-port EdgeSwitches blow power resistors and have other severe electrical problems. Unifi AC AP Lite is being fried/burned while plugged into EdgeSwitches.

Most models have no bootloader recovery method, and the “factory restore” procedure leaves custom files and confirmation on the device. A “factory reset” does not really do the complete reset. Not only that but committing configuration changes often takes 20-30 seconds, even on high-end models. Using punctuation when naming Port or Address Groups can cause serious bugs. EdgeRouter DDNS does not work.

The ER-Lite has longstanding unfixed problems with UDP packets being dropped/re-ordered/corrupted. Policy routing does not work, documentation abandoned, and doing a “clear IP OSPF process” does not restart the process.

If a new interface gets created, OSPF will not begin advertising the new network, even if it has a network declaration statement. You cannot create a firewall rule with multiple sources and destination ports. There is no 802.11ad/LACP support. In conclusion, if you decide to buy a budget-friendly router, the struggles will come with it or not, whether you like it or not.

10. Ubiquiti Pro (USG-PRO-4)

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The UniFi system’s wifi strength is marvelous everywhere you might need it, far exceeding the Netgear system with three extenders. Since this is designed as a gateway and equipped for DPI, you can open the case and upgrade the RAM from the stock 2GB module to a 4GB module. Hardware offload, DPI, and other system-intensive operations seem to be performing a bit more smoothly. Manageability on the USG-PRO-4 is one of the best! The Unifi software is so powerful – You do not have to struggle if you are managing a couple of devices.

The UniFi Security Gateways offers IDS/IPS as this gives some security more than a basic firewall. While this is not foolproof – It is better than nothing, especially for homes and SMBs where ongoing cost is an important consideration when choosing a firewall. However, like other different Ubiquiti routers factory reset button on this router will not erase any data, which is the whole point of factory reset, right?

The worst thing about Ubiquiti Networks, in general, is its incredibly loud routers. Their fans do not work accurately, and the only way you can fix it is by purchasing a new fan. Another thing is that the DHCP service on LAN1 is not operational until 4-5 unplug/restarts, and LAN2 might not function properly. Restarting it once in a while, turning it off and on, might help you with your problems. Nevertheless, you intend to have a more reliable, more powerful, and more stable Wifi Network, right?

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The goal is to make sure you understand what types of Ubiquiti routers are on the market and what they can do and cannot do.

The unified software

The first thing we need to say is that Unifi has solved problems better than any router out there. The unified software-defined networking controller is a great way to manage many devices without licensing fees, which is one of the reasons we like their switches and their access points so much.

They have made it easy for scalable use from companies that manage outside networks.

The Unified Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro come down to forced registration. Some people get angry about this, and rightfully so because making someone register the device to get it to work is never a great idea.

Firmware Update

If you want to run any of the latest firmware, this is very problematic because one of two things can happen: One registration server can go down, and then you cannot register or get your device configured. 

Registration Problems

If something happens, they discontinue a product line and discontinue offering registration for it – You have a product that cannot get turned on anymore.

Fortunately, on the Unified Dream Pro line, you can do multiple IP addresses on a single network interface. On the other hand, the feature is not available on the USG, which is a tremendous problem for the business side because companies have even a small block of IP addresses for a couple of different services they have running and without being able to do that officially.

If you are looking to get the routing done and want to safe and simple product – The Unifi has built-in threat management that has the dashboard for it, so you can turn it on and off threat management.


Is Ubiquiti a good router?

Ubiquiti routers are not only great for home use but also for massive public spaces that need to broadcast a Wi-Fi network across an entire building. There is a reason why Ubiquiti routers are so powerful. They combine a router, a switch with four Ethernet ports, and a Wi-Fi access point.

Does Ubiquiti still make routers?

Yes, they most definitely do. Since 2005, Ubiquiti has launched several new product lines, such as Unifi products, AmpliFi, EdgeMax, UISP, AirMax, airFiber, GigaBeam, and UFiber. However, they keep upgrading and changing features that customers complain about. 

Which UniFi AP is best?

Unify offers seven different types of access points designed to cover every potential environment and deployment type. Selecting the right AP is a vital choice for maximizing your wireless coverage and performance depending on the situations that each AP is best suited.

Is Ubiquiti UniFi worth it?

Yes, it is 100% worth it. Even if you are not a technical person and do not know much about routers, you will be happy with the results Ubiquiti Unifi has offered. It might have software quality control issues, but its flexibility and customizability will astound you.

Is Ubiquiti better than Cisco?

Ubiquiti is a more budget choice, and 75% of the networks that are out there ubiquity will be an exceptional fit. However, Cisco covers and controls an immense network. The choice is more dependent on why you need the router.

Is Ubiquiti the best Wi-Fi?

The Ubiquiti Wi-Fi is capable of speeds up to 150 Mbps with a range of up to 25 m (82 ft), which makes it extremely powerful. However, if you want Wi-Fi for personal use and small companies, you can find better companies. 

Final Verdict

After our extensive Ubiquiti router review, we hope you know everything there is, such as whether or not you can handle the Ubiquiti router setting process and, if you do, how to do it.

While our main priority is to keep you satisfied and help you save as much money as possible, unfortunately, the best Ubiquiti router is not a cheap choice. If you are not on a budget and want to provide internet to a large crowd, Ubiquiti is the way to go.

While their products have some disadvantages like every other product on the market, they are exceptional for their reliable routing and advanced security for your network.

Now, if you need a specific answer to the question of which is the best Ubiquiti router – We would recommend Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG).

Hopefully, our little research helped you with your choice.

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