How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity Internet

Xfinity is a well-known telecommunication company and a division of Comcast Corporation. Market consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services are various services that Xfinity provides. Their plans range from 50 Mbps to 2000 Mbps. Aside from steamy internet and TV bundles, Xfinity also provides a streaming box to TV bundles subscribers.

However, some Xfinity bundles can be pretty expensive compared to other relatively cheap and faster options available in the market. You may want to cancel your Xfinity bundles if you find another better package or when you are changing the place. In such circumstances, when you have to cancel your Xfinity internet, you should have proper knowledge about how to do it. In this article, we will discuss the detailed process of canceling your Comcast Xfinity internet.

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How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity Internet

Canceling Comcast Xfinity internet service is not a difficult task. You simply have to follow the following steps:

1. Gather somethings

Before starting the cancellation process, you have to gather some things. These things have a role in the cancellation process. So it would be better if you collected them in a place beforehand. The first thing that you will need is your account number. You can find this through your Xfinity account or by searching it on your bill. Moreover, you may need to share some personal information like your name and service address in order to get the job done.

2. Contact Customer Support

This step is required only if you have any queries and you want to clear things. Go to the online chat feature and contact the Xfinity service team. Or you can make a discussion forum or contact Xfinity through social media. You can’t request service cancellation through chat. You can only ask relevant questions like the cancellation fees or the process of cancellation.

3. Request an Online Service Cancelation

There are three ways to cancel the internet service, and one of them is doing it online. It is the easiest way to cancel the Xfinity internet service. All you need to do is to login into your account, find the online cancellation form, fill it out, and submit it. The process may take a minute. After submitting, you will get a call from Xfinity within two days

4. Cancel Internet Service in Person

The second way to cancel Xfinity internet service is to visit a nearby Xfinity store. Go to the service counter and ask for service cancellation. To find the Xfinity store, you can use the Xfinity online tool made for this purpose. This process is easy because you don’t have to wait for the call from Xfinity, and you can do your work within a short amount of time.

Write a Letter to Xfinity to Cancel Your Internet

The third way to cancel Comcast Xfinity internet service is by writing a letter to Xfinity and asking for service cancellation. While writing a letter, make sure to include the following things:

  • Your complete name.
  • Your service address.
  • Your account number.
  • An active phone number.

Once the letter is complete, mail it to the following address:

Comcast Cable

ATTN: Service Change Requests

1701 JFK Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

After posting the letter, wait for a phone call from Xfinity customer support. They will reach you within 48 hours. This is not a quick way to get the work done. However, in this way, you can show the letter to prove that you have terminated your contract with Xfinity.

What to do when Xfinity calls you?

When you cancel the service online or through a letter, you have to wait for a phone call from Xfinity. The call will come in almost two business days. You should expect the following things from the call:

  • The first question that which customer representative will ask you will be about your identity. You have to tell your complete name, service address, and account number.
  • Mainly they call you to confirm the cancellation. But the representative may ask you the reason for the cancellation. He may also present some alternatives to you.
  • Try not to tell the representative the reason for the cancellation. Because if you mention the price, they will give you a cheap alternative. Also, if you mention that you are moving to another area, they may ask about your new address to find if they have available services in that area.
  • The Xfinity representative will also ask you for the date of cancellation. You can terminate the contract immediately, or you can do it at the end of the billing cycle.
  • The representative will repeat the set date of cancellation and again ask for confirmation. Once you confirm the date, a representative will tell you about the early termination fees and demand you the return of the equipment.
  • Your Comcast Xfinity internet service will be terminated on the set date.


Canceling Comcast Xfinity internet is easy, and now you know this easy process. So if you no longer want to continue with Xfinity internet, read our guide and terminate your contract immediately.

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