How To Get Wi-Fi from 300 Feet

Wi-Fi has become one of the life essentials in today’s world. You don’t think about your Wi-Fi signals when you are near to internet router. However, if you are away from the router, you may get distressed because of slower Wi-Fi and missing signals. Especially if you are 300 feet away from a Wi-Fi router, then you are most likely to suffer from loss of signals. If you are trying to find ways to fix the dropping of Wi-Fi signals and dead spots search no more because we will discuss various tips and tricks to get Wi-Fi from 300 Feet away. So let’s get started.

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Tips and Tricks to Get WiFi from 300 Feet Away

This section will discuss different ways to extend Wi-Fi signals from its main router and spread them to at least 300 feet away.

1. Choose the right location for your Wi-Fi router

Placing the Wi-Fi router in the right location is extremely necessary to fully enjoy its signals. First of all, identify whether your Wi-Fi router or access point (AP) is omnidirectional or directional. Omnidirectional Wi-Fi routers broadcast Wi-Fi signals in a 45 or 90-degree area. For the best result, the ideal position of the access point or Wi-Fi router is the center of your home. A centralized location, not surrounded by any wall or furniture, will allow your internet router or access point to spread Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your home without any interference. Different things in the path of Wi-Fi signals like metal doors, walls, furniture etc., can weaken the Wi-Fi signals. So, if you want to extend Wi-Fi 300 feet away, make sure that there is minimal material in the path of signals.

2. Use Wi-Fi signal repeaters

A second thing you can do to get Wi-Fi signals from 300 feet away is to install Wi-Fi repeaters or Wi-Fi range extenders. The essential thing to remember here is that you should only install repeaters where there is Wi-Fi dead spot. Although Wi-Fi repeaters can definitely solve your signal issue, you have to manage the router and repeater separately. If you are connected to the Wi-Fi repeater and are near the Wi-Fi router, you have to disconnect from the repeater and connect again with the internet router. This switching is difficult and annoying, so this option is not entirely desirable.

3. Use the right equipment

When you want to get Wi-Fi from 300 feet away, then you need to have all the right tools and equipment. You may need one or two access points or apps to get good Wi-Fi signals from 300 feet away from the router. There are different apps available in the market with their own plus points and drawbacks. However, remember that some equipment may support many devices, but it may not support high-speed Wi-Fi or vice versa. So buy after thorough research on the features of each piece of equipment.

4. Employ a unified management system

Employing a unified management system is a must if you are present in the office building. In the big building or in-office, there may be a huge number of access points to provide Wi-Fi signals in every corner of the building. In this case, having a unified Wi-Fi system will allow all your Apps to broadcast the same internet signals. In this way, internet users don’t have to frequently log in and out of the wireless network every time they move to another place.

5. Configure your Wi-Fi router frequency bandwidth

Another thing you can do to extend Wi-Fi over 300 feet away without compromising its speed is by changing the frequency bandwidth of the router. Commonly, almost all of the routers have a 2.4GHz frequency. And because of heavy traffic at this frequency, the speed of Wi-Fi may become slower. You can log in to your router and change frequency bandwidth from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. 5GHz can penetrate through the walls better, and that’s why it can extend to a large area. The speed at this frequency is also better.

6. Choose cable

You can also choose a suitable cable and connect two areas or two buildings in order to obtain better internet performance. This is one of the best options in terms of speed and latency. But you have to carefully buy the cable. Moreover, carefully install the cable for maximum benefits. In your case, where you want Wi-Fi only 300 feet away, Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable is the best choice.


By following the six tips given above, you can get Wi-Fi from 300 feet away. Moreover, try to opt for outdoor access points for better signals from 300 feet away.

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