Tech Edifier makes your buy easy with 100% authentic & unbiased information. To establish a user support blog by creating value for the long term. We target our reader’s importance and try to fulfill their satisfaction.

Who I am?

I’m Azizul Haque owner of the Tech Edifier and also employed in an MNC company. I’m very passionate about writing tech, travel, and food blog. You can tell me as a tech nerd who has started his career as a Network And Communication Engineer in 2005. Since 2005, I’m writing for many blogs and have now finally decided to make a tech blog to help you and make my carrier with writing. Earlier I have completed my post-graduation from the University of California in Telecommunication.

What we write?

The blog focus on networking & Wi-Fi router products information and buyer’s guideline. The site is reader-oriented or supported, when you buy something from the affiliate links we may earn a little commission. But here I have intention to provide you any single word biased information. I love my readers who always inspire me to write and yes! I always hold that honor to me.

If you ask me how I gather my information for you? Yes! I appreciate you!

You know, writing is a long research process where I collect basic information from multiple sources like: Amazon, Reddit, Quora, Blog posts, and YouTube. Sometimes I have to read 10 to 20 blog posts to write a single line for you. So, you can trust on me that I’m writing but if you think any of my information is not accurate, I say sorry for that because every work or effort has limitations. Here I’m sharing my opinion to you not suggest you to buy any product, it’s your decision.

It’s a new blog and the resources are very little now, I promise if you connect the blog you will get something more valued that you may need to buy for your Wi-fi accessories to buy.