How to set up SETEK WiFi Range Extender

Setting up a SETEK range extender is necessary for you:

  • If you’re looking for a device to expand the present Wi-Fi network to the remaining disconnected locations, or,
  • You are trying to improve your internet signals,

Now, you may be unsure of how to set up a SETEK Wireless Extender. Don’t bother too much. The SETEK Wi-Fi range extender’s simple setup instructions are available right here on this post.

Features of the SETEK Wi-Fi Extender

The SETEK Wi-Fi range extender is available in two different models:

  • SETEK WiFi Range Extender SE01 and, 
  • SETEK WiFi Range Extender SE02, 

Various Functioning Modes of SETEK Wi-Fi Range Extender

You may use the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender as a wireless router, repeater, access point, client, wireless AP, and wireless bridge.

How to set up SETEK WiFi Range Extender

Setup Instructions For The SETEK Wi-fi Extender

The SETEK Wi-Fi range extender is really easy to set up, regardless of your level of extender experience. There are three ways to set up the SETEK range extender.

The following is a list of the range extender configuration methods and the steps they include:

1. Via WPS

Using the WPS button to set up a SETEK Wi-Fi range extender enables you to configure it without a computer or mobile device. Without logging in to the browser’s settings page, you can set up the range extender using the WPS button setup.

Highlighted below are the steps for setting up the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender using the WPS button:

Switch on the extension.

After connecting your extension to a working wall socket close to your router, wait a little while for the power light to turn on.

Push the WPS Buttons.

Try to locate the WPS button on your router. Press it down and hold it there for a little while. Next, press and hold the WPS button on your SETEK Wi-Fi Extender for a moment.

Ensure connection between the extender and router.

After pressing the WPS button on your devices, wait about 30 seconds for the extender to restart on its own. If the indicator light on your extension goes out and then comes back on, the connection of the extension to your router is successful.

Place the extender in the best possible position.

Now that you are done with the setting, your extension has to be positioned in the proper location. The right thing to do is place it halfway between your router and the area where there is a poor Wi-Fi signal. Remember that your Wi-Fi network’s coverage area must extend everywhere you go.

If you are having trouble configuring your SETEK Wi-Fi Extender, try again and double-check your setup. If you’re still experiencing issues, reset your router and the extender before attempting to set it up once more.

Note: Continue with the next setup process if your router does not allow WPS. This method only works with routers that support WPS.

2. Via a Mobile Device

You can set up the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender on a mobile device using the default login details.

The SETEK SE01’s default login IP address is

The SETEK SE02’s default login IP address is

The default username is admin.

The default password is also admin

Note: SETEK has printed the login details on the extender label. Also, the default username and password are both in lower case (admin).

We have shown the steps for configuring a SETEK Wi-Fi range extender on a mobile device below:

Switch on the extension.

Before keeping the extender online by plugging it into a wall socket close to your wireless router, wait for the power light to turn on.

Connect to the extender’s Wi-Fi network.

In your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings, look for the range extender SSID. Be observant to see if “SETEK” appears on your list of Wi-Fi networks.

You will see SETEK as the default SSID for the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender after the complete. Then, connect to your SETEK Wi-Fi account.

Note: Keep in mind that no password is required to join the Wi-Fi network using the range extender.

After logging in, go to the Management Page.

The administration interface must instantly show, especially if you are connecting the extension for the first time. If the address doesn’t show instantly, launch a browser on your mobile device and put into the search field.

Enter your password.

On the page that loads after that, you must log in by entering your password. After entering the admin password as the default, click Login. It will then search for wireless networks so you can choose one.

Pick the Wi-Fi Network You Want to Extend

After choosing the Wi-Fi network you want to expand, enter the password there. You must provide the password for your current Wi-Fi network. Then, click the Connect button.

The extender’s default name (SSID) is the name of your current Wi-Fi network with “-plus” appended.

Complete the setup

After the setting is complete, your SETEK extender will reboot on its own. Once your extender is up and running, finish the procedure by connecting to its SSID.

Put your extension in the best possible position.

By relocating it there, place the extender between your router and the location with poor Wi-Fi connections. Verify that your present Wi-Fi router network has coverage for the region.

3. Via a Computer or a Laptop

Finally, the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender may be configured using a computer or laptop. The steps for configuring your Wi-Fi extender on a PC or laptop are the same as those for configuring a mobile device.

Users can connect the range extender via both a physical connection (port) and a wireless network (Wi-Fi SSID) from a PC or laptop.

Follow the steps below to set up SETEK on your PC:

Connect via Wired or Wireless Channel

Connect the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender to a LAN port first for a linked connection to a PC or laptop.

You might also use a laptop or Wi-Fi PC by inputting the default SSID for Wi-Fi.

On the Management Page, register.

Open a web browser on your computer and enter into the address bar. Now go to the extender’s login page.

Now, put admin in the username and password boxes when logging in for the first time.

Finding open networks takes some time for the extender. You will see a list of the wireless SSID networks that are broadcasting in the extender’s range.

Determine the Wi-Fi network you want to expand.

Select the SSID of your Wi-Fi device, provide a secure password, and allow SETEK to connect.

After a successful configuration, the SSID of the wireless device will now appear with a name followed by a plus sign (+).

UP VR FUN Opinion

For all of your network, speed, and streaming issues, SETEK technology has provided a complete answer. After a successful setup, the SETEK Wi-Fi range extender can speed up your network by eliminating dead zones in and around your house or place of business.