NEXTBOX WiFi Extender Setup Guide

One of the finest Wi-Fi signal boosters that work with all major brands of Wi-Fi routers and their access points is the only Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender. Its dual-band wireless technology and a combined wireless speed of 1200 Mbps provide you with a good range and high-speed access even in areas with no service.

The Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender is compatible with a variety of devices, including game consoles, game consoles, mobile phones, PCs and Macs, Alexa, smart lights, and many more Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. The Nextbox Extender device enables you to connect a wireless bridge between the router and extender device. It also provides you with an increased network range. So that you can address Wi-Fi signal issues without running a physical connection from the host router.

The Nextbox signal booster does not need a real cable connection and may increase the current Wireless range in a dark place without changing the Wi-Fi identity.

Even though the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender setup instructions come with a simple user guide, sometimes it’s difficult to interpret manual instructions. Therefore, you may follow the procedures below to set up your Nextbox Wi-Fi extender and get it running:

NEXTBOX WiFi Extender Setup Guide

How To Setup Your Nextbox

You can configure the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender in two ways. The easiest way is via the WPS method and the second is using a web browser.

To kick off, simply take the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender out of the box and set up it for the first time by following the instructions.

Nextbox Extender setup using WPS

The quickest and simplest way to set up a Nextbox Wi-Fi extender is by utilizing the WPS button. For a non-technical individual, this procedure is straightforward and entirely do-it-yourself. To use the WPS method for Nextbox Wi-Fi setup, you should have a dual-band WPS-enabled wireless router or an older single-band Wi-Fi router with WPS capability.

After you have settled that, simply follow the instructions below to connect your Nextbox Wi-Fi repeater with your host internet network:

  • You must first take out the Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender from its packing and connect it to a power outlet close to the home network.
  • Following that, locate the WPS button on the router and press it. You must let go of the WPS button after two seconds.
  • Next, press and hold the WPS button on the Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender for the final two seconds after pressing the WPS button on the router.
  • Watch for the Nextbox extender’s LED lights to turn on once you’ve properly connected it to the router.
  • The next step is to check the extender’s network SSID by accessing the Wi-Fi settings on your laptop or mobile device. Connect the extender SSID with the previous Wi-Fi password.
  • Unplug the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender and rejoin at a different location after linking it to the existing Wi-Fi network.

You can connect the Nextbox range extender device to your Wi-Fi network using this quick and simple guide without having to change the network’s name or password. The configuration of the Nextbox signal booster gadget would take only 8–10 seconds to finish.

However, if your Wi-Fi router does not support the WPS button or if the Next box range extender cannot connect using the WPS button, try the second way via the web interface

Nextbox Extender Setup Using Web Browser

It takes a while to set up a Wi-Fi extender using a web browser. To complete setup via a browser, you must use a USB cable to connect your extender device to the laptop or PC. Follow the instructions listed below to configure the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender using a web browser:

  • Plug in the Nextbox Wi-Fi extender close to the home router and turn it on.
  • After that, connect to the Nextbox 5X ext network by going to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone or computer.
  • Connect your Nextbox Wi-Fi extender to the computer or laptop using a LAN connection.
  • Open your PC’s favorite web browser, and type re.nextbox.home into the address bar, and then press the enter key.
  • You must configure the administrative password for the extender before logging in for the first time. Create a password for your administrator login, choose repeater mode as operational, and then click the next button to continue.
  • The Nextbox Wi-Fi extender will now scan the Wi-Fi networks in your immediate area. Chose the Wi-Fi network name you wish to expand from the list.
  • To establish the connection, provide your current Wi-Fi password after that.
  • Verify the Wi-Fi network settings by clicking the advance button. Finally, a confirmation message reading “Wireless network successfully expanded” will appear on your screen.

We really hope that the information above will be helpful to you as you set up your NEXTBOX Wi-Fi Extender using the re.nextbox.home web address. Set up your Nextbox Wi-Fi extender like an expert by following these instructions.

If you are having trouble using the WPS button to connect the Next box range extender to your Wi-Fi network, or if you cannot log into the Next box Wi-Fi repeater, you may need to factory reset the device and start again with the configuration.

Below is how to run a factory reset on your Nextbox Wi-Fi range extender:

Nextbox Wi-fi Range Extender Factory Reset

When you reset your range extender, it restores the default settings. If you forget your login password, you must do a hard reset to erase all configurations. Reset the following box repeater device by following the procedures:

  • On the repeater device, look for a little reset button option.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the range extender device to start up before turning it on.
  • Press the release button after at least 10-15 seconds of reset button pressing with a needle.
  • After running reset instructions and returning to the original settings, the extender device will automatically reboot.
  • Reconnect via wired or Wi-Fi and repeat the previous procedures to configure the next box using WPS or login methods. The Nextbox Wi-Fi Extender Setup manual is also available for download on the Nextbox website.

2022 Best Nextbox WiFi Extender Models

In no particular order, below is a list of the finest Nextbox Wi-Fi extender models for 2022:

  • 750 Mbps LazyPro Nextbox Wi-Fi Extender
  • 1200 Mbps LazyPro Nextbox Wi-Fi Extender
  • 1200 Mbps LazyPro Nextbox Wi-Fi Extender
  • Wi-Fi Extender 1200 Mbps – 2.4 and 5GHz Dual Band 300 Mbps with WPS Internet Signal Booster from NextBox
  • Wi-Fi Extender NEXTBOX 1200 Mbps 2.4/5GHz Dual Band