Guide To The My CenturyLink App

CenturyLink is a well-known internet service provider that supplies internet in over 37 States of America. It is a telecommunications company that provides fiber, voice, phone, and TV services aside from high-speed internet for residential and small business customers. If you have subscribed to CenturyLink services or are thinking of doing so, you should know that CenturyLink also features the My CenturyLink App. This app is valuable to manage the account. In this article, we will describe the complete guide to the My CenturyLink app. So, let’s start.

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How to Download the My CenturyLink app?

To use the My CenturyLink app, you need to install the app on your smartphone. To do it, visit Google Play Store or Apple Paly Store and search “My CenturyLink app” in the search bar. Next, click the download button and wait for the installation and launching of the app. You can use the app on both Android and IOS devices.

Logging Into the App

You’ll need to sign in to the app to use it. As for login credentials, you can use the same one you used on the CenturyLink website.

If you are a new user and haven’t got the login credentials yet, then you will need your account number and zip code to get started. If you are unaware of the account number, you can search for it on your bill or email CenturyLink to send you the account number. Once you have the determined information, you can create login credentials on the CenturyLink app or website.

What Benefits Can You Gain with the My CenturyLink app?

My CenturyLink app is developed by CenturyLink service providers to facilitate their customers. But what features can you gain from this app? Keep reading to find out:

Self-Install Your Connection

My CenturyLink app facilitates your connection by offering the self-install option. If you just subscribed with CenturyLink and wait for a technician to set up your service, this feature is helpful for you. You can open the app and self-install your service. In this way, you don’t have to wait for a technician to stop by your house and set up your connection.

First of all, install and log in to the app. The app will take you through the entire installation process. You just have to tap once you have competed for one step. The app will teach you how to plug in your modem. Once you have set up and run the modem, scan a serial number of the modem with the app to access the account information. A service agreement will show up on the next screen; sign it. If you have completed this process, then you can access your Wi-Fi settings; for example, you can choose the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band.

Manage Your Account

Another benefit of the My CenturyLink app is accessing and managing your account. Following are some things you can do with the app conveniently.

  1. See the monthly bill.
  2. Make a payment.
  3. Set up AutoPay.
  4. Add, remove, or change payment methods.
  5. Check service status.
  6. Receive alerts if a new offer is available or if you place any new order.
  7. In some places, customers can even use the app to upgrade their internet plan.

Troubleshoot Problems

My CenturyLink app also features a support section. In the support section, you can find solutions to common connection problems. There are various videos and articles to instruct you on what to do in order to troubleshoot the problem. You can also adjust your Wi-Fi settings, fix common issues, and test your internet speed on the app. If the problem with the connection does not resolve even after instructions from the app, then go to the CenturyLink website and create a support form, this process can’t be done in the app.

Additional Features available to Secure Wi-Fi customers

Secure Wi-Fi is an additional feature available with only a few CenturyLink plans. If you lease a compatible modem, then you can access this feature. Secure Wi-Fi does not require additional fees. If you don’t have access to secure Wi-Fi, then contact CenturyLink and ask for a secure Wi-Fi compatible modem.

Many additional features come with secure Wi-Fi compatible modem. You can decide which device can connect to your internet. You can disconnect any device at any time. You can even schedule a time for different devices or groups. Scheduling devices will be helpful in reducing children’s screen time. Having secure Wi-Fi also allows you to access parental control features in the app. The parental control feature makes the My CenturyLink app an amazing tool for families. You can even block various devices for accessing sexual content, games, or social media.


Here comes the end of our complete guide on the My CenturyLink app. If you are a CenturyLink customer, then this app is a must for you. Its various benefits and uses make it very popular among parents and families.

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