how to get 100 Mbps internet speed

In this post, we will show you how to get 100 Mbps internet speed. With the inception of 500 Mbps and even 1 Gbps internet speed, you may ask if 100 Mbps speed is good or bad.

Well, in this blog post, 100 Mbps internet speed is neither good nor bad. It depends on the internet activity you want to run at that speed.

100 Mbps is a great speed for medium internet usage, costing an average of 25 to 30 dollars every month on popular internet service providers.

First, let’s see how far can you go with 100 Mbps internet speed.

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Benefits of 100 Mbps Internet Speed

  • Multiple connections of devices to your network (two to four devices).
  • General web browsing on the internet, social media, and sending emails.
  • You can stream HD and 4k videos on multiple devices on YouTube and Netflix.
  • You can play online games with 2-3 devices connected to your network (multiplayer gaming).
  • Ideal for attending online meetings and making online voice/video calls (on online platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Skype).

How to increase internet speed in router settings

Activate an automatic rebooting of your old router per time

You can reboot your old router can fix underlying speed issues and general internet connection problems. You can set your router to reboot at least once a day to make things easier.

Deactivate old Wi-Fi protocols

Routers and devices with the 802.11ac or the most recent 802.11ax are usually the fastest performance routers/devices. Using devices around this Wi-Fi protocol range is fine, but anything below it might cause a speed lag. To get the best of your 100 Mbps, deactivate older wireless protocols.

Constantly update your router

To enjoy the internet speed you subscribe to, make sure that you regularly update your router software and firmware.

Change the location of your router

Where you place your Wi-Fi router can affect your internet speed and its overall performance.

For instance, concrete walls or placing your router close to home devices that emit electromagnetic rays can interfere with your wireless performance.

Optimize your router setting

You need to interchange between Wi-Fi channels. You can scan for the channel with the least interference per time and switch the channel on your router settings.

Change your router band

To change your router band, your router has to have over one band. Using a dual-band router or Tri-band router will provide an alternative route for devices connected to your network when there is traffic.

Change the default username and password of your network

You can experience a speed glitch when you have unwelcomed guests on your network without your consent.

The changing of the default name and password of your network can protect your network from internet thugs and uninvited guests from gaining access to your network.

Get a new antenna for your router

The replacement of the antenna of your router can boost your internet speed and performance without changing your router.

Get a new router

Finally, if you are using an old router, especially older protocols like 802.11n, 802.11g, or 802.11b, you may need to get a new router to help your internet speed.

How to increase internet speed on mobile

Reboot your mobile device

This is the easiest basic step to improving your 100 Mbps internet speed.

Simply press down the power button on your mobile device and obey the prompts that follow.

Change your network settings

When you are experiencing a speed glitch on your mobile, try to reset your network settings or switch networks to boost your wireless speed. The latter applies to 4g mobile phones.

Disable running mobile applications in the background

Sometimes, an application running in the background can affect the internet speed on your mobile device.

You have two options: either you close all inactive applications and start the one you need or fish out the high internet data-draining applications and disable them.

When you close running or inactive applications on your mobile will not only improve your Wi-Fi speed but will also help you conserve your phone battery.

Clear the cache on your browser

A clumsy cache on your browser can affect the performance of your mobile and indirectly affect your internet speed. The solution is simple, clear your browser cache regularly.

Install an ad blocker on your mobile

Ads can slow down your speed and cause drag in the time to load pages on the web. The solution to the speed lag caused by these annoying ads can fix by installing an ad blocker.

The installation of an ad blocker on your phone can also improve your internet speed.

Install a data speed booster

We cannot guarantee that downloading a data speed booster on your mobile can boost your internet speed. However, since you have nothing to lose, it is worth trying.

Update your mobile software

When you update your mobile software to its most recent version can improve the working internet speed. Another extra advantage of updated software is network security on both your iOS and Android devices.

My internet speed is 100mbps but I slow download

To be honest, you may not always get the speed you paid for. For instance, you may have paid for a 100 Mbps download speed and your working download speed may be distinctively slower if you connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Several network issues, including poor wireless connection, might cause this. Below are some simple ways to improve your internet speed:

Reduce the number of devices connected to your network

If you have more connected devices running on your network than is required, removing some of them can help your internet speed.

We recommend you reduce the connected devices to one or two.

Run a speed test

Run a speed test on your device to compare the speed you are getting to the one that you paid for.

You can run the speed test via on your PC. Preferably, use a wired Ethernet connection to run the speed test while ensuring that you have only one device connected at the time of the test.

Close the applications running in the background

Close all applications running in the background of your device. This can improve your speed by up to 50%

Move your router closer

Change the position of your router, taking into consideration that you avoid proximity to kitchen appliances that emit electromagnetic radiations. Also, ensure that you are your device is in close range with your router.

Contact your ISP support team

If you have tried all you know with no improvement, then it might be helpful to contact your internet service provider to make an official complaint.

Device to increase internet speed

Wi-Fi boosters

A Wi-Fi booster works just as its name signifies, and using one can make cause a remarkable improvement in your wireless speed. Wi-Fi boosters are of two types: we have Wi-Fi extenders and repeaters.

Wi-Fi Extenders It works by extending the reach of your network. Using a Wi-Fi extender needs an Ethernet connection.

Wi-Fi Repeaters – Wireless repeaters are to be set up in dead spots around your space. They pick a network signal from your home router device and make a new one with good speed so that the internet can reach all the books and crannies of your space. Wi-Fi repeaters do not require wired ethernet connections, nor do they manufacture internet signals by themselves. They only project the wireless speed of your original network.

100 Mbps internet is not a poor start. However, different factors can help you leverage this internet speed.

We hope you now know how to get 100mbps internet speed.

If you have any more questions, let us know.

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