How to cancel AT&T internet

For the past few years, AT&T has been providing excellent broadband internet, VoIP phone, and IPTV services across the US. Over 100 million Americans trust it due to its extraordinary speed and quality. However, for whatever reason, whether it be trying other options or relocation to some other place, you may want to discontinue AT&T internet.

Cancelling AT&T internet service may sound simple, but it is not anymore. The process can be done within 2 hours, but there are various factors you must consider first. Learn “How to cancel AT&T internet online” in this article.

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AT&T new cancellation policy

Till 2019, cancelling AT&T service was so simple. You could discontinue the internet service just by a call no matter at what point you are in the billing cycle. However, on July 15, 2019, AT&T redefined their cancellation policy. Now, the process is a bit different; the company no longer supports prorated refunds. It means you won’t receive a refund if you cancel the service before the end of your billing period.

Unlike before, the service will not be discontinued until the billing cycle is finished. However, this amendment is good from AT&T point of view, and if you are not sure about cancelling the service, this will buy you some time to rethink. But if you want to cancel the AT&T service right away, this policy will not benefit you. It is important to know that these changes do not apply to a downgrade or upgrade in service features. Moreover, the same holds true if you want to move your account to another location.

How to cancel AT&T internet

Steps to Cancel Your AT&T Internet

Follow these steps to cancel your AT&T internet:

1. Find Your AT&T Account Number

Find the AT&T account number, which will be at the top of your paper bill. Furthermore, you can also log in to your AT&T account online. A phone number or service address will do the trick if all else fails.

2. Know the Terms of Service

Open the terms of service, and make sure you know all the facts about your service before cancelling it. It is a long document with so many legalese, which is not easy to read, but it is worth the hassle.

3. Contact AT&T

You can try different ways to contact AT&T to initiate the cancellation process. If you are on a busy schedule, you can call on the helpline. But if you want to speak face-to-face with an actual person, you can visit an AT&T retail. Moreover, you can also begin the process online through your AT&T customer account.

Cost of cancelling AT&T internet

Paying for something you don’t use can be unsettling for anyone. But many users have to pay an Early Termination Fee when they cancel the AT&T service.

The Early Termination Fee

The Early Termination Fee (ETF) will not be charged if you cancel AT&T Internet online within the 14 days of service activation. However, if you terminate the service before your promotional term commitment ends, you are liable to pay an Early Termination Fee. Moreover, the ETF is prorated and charged only against the time left in your term commitment. The good thing is, AT&T Internet plans require no annual commitment, which means, if you continue to use the service after the promo period, you can cancel at any time without being charged an ETF.

The Equipment Non-Return Fee

You have to return AT&T equipment, undamaged after you cancel AT&T internet service. The equipment must be returned at any UPS Store or FedEx Office within 21 days of the cancellation of service. But, if you fail to return the AT&T equipment within the given period, you will be charged a non-return fee of $150 to your account. Furthermore, if you do return the equipment within six months of service cancellation, the charged amount will be refunded to your account.

How to cancel my AT&T Internet free?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can cancel the AT&T internet service free within 14 days of activating it. Or otherwise, you will have to wait until your promotional term commitment ends. Most AT&T promotional offers have a 12-month term, after which you pay monthly. So once this term is over, you can cancel the service anytime without having to pay any penalty.


After reading this guide, we hope that the AT&T Internet disconnect won’t be a problem. Now you know the cancellation process and what charges you may have to pay according to an updated policy of AT&T.

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